Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Sew Day!

 Fabrics for the baby quilt.
Strips all cut!
 Marcia's Owl quilt top.
 French knot eyes.
My wrapped clothesline cord.
 Delicious salad with whole grain carrot muffin. 
 Rhubarb Cake

Another fun Tuesday Sew Day!  We were at Sherre's house this week. We are starting a group project, a baby quilt for our neighbor who is expecting a little boy in July.  We gathered from our stashes some possibly fabrics and then decided that the bright colors would work well with a white on white background.  After Marcia finished her French knot owl eyes, she cut strips for the baby quilt.  Sherre was trying to finish the border on her strip quilt.  I was able to wrap clothesline cord for 3 small bowls.

Sherre made a wonderful green salad.  Homemade pickled beets, tomatoes, avocado and carrots.  She also served a carrot muffin as a side.  And a rhubarb cake with rhubarb and mixed berry sauce!

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  1. The owl quilt is looking so adorable! You are being so productive with your baskets. Great job!


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